Paper Bag Terminology 【paper bag making machine】

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Paper Bag Terminology 【paper bag making machine

The environmental protection paper bag products produced by the paper bag machine have professional terms.

Believe it or not, How to express the term and description of paper bag products. Here are a few of the most important:
paper bag making machine
•Paper basis weight is the weight in pounds of one ream (500 sheets) of paper in its basic size (before being cut to specific dimensions). In other words, basis weight refers to the thickness of the paper used to construct a bag. As the basis weight increases, so does the amount of paper. A basis weight of 30-49 lbs. is referred to as standard duty, while basis weights of 50 lbs. and up are marked heavy duty.

•Paper bag products produced by paper bag machine A gusset is an indented fold on the side or bottom of a paper bag that allows the bag to expand for greater capacity.

•Paper bag products produced by paper bag machine, Paper bags with a flat bottom design are designed to open up with a flat bottom. This is the most common bag type and is very easy to load.
•Paper bag products produced by paper bag machine, Pinch bottom design bags are designed with tightly sealed pointed bottoms, hence, they have no length measurement. These bags work well for cards, calendars, and candy.

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