SBR-460B9 paper bag making machine with handle in line

SBR-460B9 paper bag making machine



 SBR-460B9 paper bag making machine with handle in line

Paper bag making machine is designed for handle square bottom paper bag production. The handle forming section forms the twisted tope and paper strip in roll into handles, these handles are transferred to handle application section. Handle application section perforates the blank or printed paper web, applies glue, impresses the handle to paper web. With handles attached, the paper web is fed into the main machine for side glue application, tube forming, cut-off, bottom forming,bottom glue application, bag forming and final bag out-feed. All steps are completed in-line, Paper bag making machine is an idea equipment for handle square bottom paper bag. 
Whole Paper bag machine is controlled by computer central control system with touch screen and servo motor for cut off length control. paper bag  machine can produce variable sizes paper bag.


Paper bag machine】Structure features

      1. It adopts In-touch screen human-machine interface,it's easy for correction and good adjustment. Alarm working status can be displayed in screen on-line, that's  easy for operation and maintenance.

      2. Paper bag machine Equipped with German Siemens PLC for centralized control system and SICK photocell for correction,tracking the printed material accurately, it minimizes the adjustment and preset time,increase the production efficiency .

      3. Human oriented security protection,whole housing design,ensure the safety of operator.

      4. With automatic constant tension control system,ltalian ST web guider system,inverter motor for draw roll,reduce the adjustment time for paper roll alignment and positioning,reduce waste material,increase efficiency.

      5. Paper bag machine  High speed oriented design ensure successful of production:within the suitable paperrange,production capacity is more than 100pcs/min.Increased the unit productioncapacity and make higher profit.

      6. Original German Schneider electric system,ensu res better stability and reliability;perfect after sale service,trouble free for customer.

Paer Bag Making Machine