How much does a food paper bag making machine cost

Date:2020-3-10 23:00:32 Read:199

How much does a food paper bag making machine cost

There are many kinds of paper bag machines. The prices of different paper bag machines vary greatly. You can choose from $30000 to $60000. Here we will introduce the product performance and price of food paper bag machines produced by Hongying machinery.

We recommend the price of this 460 type food shopping paper bag naking machine. At present, the price of this export machine is about $45000, including after-sales service debugging.

First, introduce the function of 460 food shopping paper bag machine

This Food shopping paper bag making machine equipment make the primary color or printed roll paper to glue on the side. Folded into a tube, glue on the bottom, bag bottom forming and export bags. The paper bag machine is controlled by computer central control system, touch screen display, the servo motor control the length of food paper bags, it can produce a variety of sizes food paper bags,the fastest can reach to 220 pcs/min food paper bags , it’s greatly reducing the labor costs. 

If you are interested in this food shopping paper bag machine, you can contact our sales personnel, we can provide affordable food shopping paper bag machine price, as well as good after-sales service