Paper bag machine about how to identify unqualified food packaging paper bags

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Paper bag machine about how to identify unqualified food packaging paper bags

Paper bag machine is more and more popular because of its advantages such as fast production speed, high production efficiency and wide adjustment range. But in the process of use, there are often some problems that bother you.

Today we're going to talk about how to identify paper bags for food packaging that are not up to scratch.

Most of the food packaging bags exposed in daily life have the problem of excessive fluorescent whitening agent
"As to why fluorescent whitening agents are used, packaging manufacturers actually want to make paper look whiter. Many laymen mistakenly assume that the whiter a piece of paper looks, the better quality it will be. It's probably because their paper is of inferior quality, and the low quality paper using fluorescent whitening agent costs much less than the high quality paper, so they can make more profit. In addition, also do not exclude some manufacturers in the use of qualified packaging paper, want to pursue the paper looks whiter effect, so add whitening agent.

Food paper bag machine

In this special reminder of the vast number of friends in the use of food packaging paper bags, should correctly master the following three advantages and disadvantages (toxic and harmful) of paper packaging bags simple methods. One is if it is white paper, look at the whiteness of the paper, add whitening agent whiteness of the paper must be whiter than usual to see. The second is to look at the paper material, there are powder, paper has black spots and other bad paper disease is recycled waste paper, in the paper production will have a large number of bacteria attached to the paddle, if directly containing food will be extremely unhealthy. Three is to smell the paper has a pungent smell, especially the smell of ink. So in order to better protect your health and safety do not remember the above three points.

Fully automatic paper bag machine is an ideal equipment for making paper bags with square bottom from primary color or printed plain paper. The process flow is as follows: after printing (or coated), the flat sheet paper is transported to the drawing part for positioning by the automatic paper conveying device, and then to the open bottom by the rolling device for horizontal line pressing, bottom opening, gluing and pressing, and finally the finished paper bag is output.

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