Shopping paper bag making machine add a touch of convenience to people's lives

Date:2020-12-18 11:48:28 Read:19

Shopping paper bag making machine add a touch of convenience to people's lives

With the advent of Shopping paper bag making machine, many of the products we buy are packaged in paper. Compared with paper bags, plastic bags do more harm to the environment, so now we call on everyone to use paper bags.

Shopping paper bag forming machine professional shopping paper bag manufacturing machinery factory, using base paper, web reinforced paper, hemp rope paper as raw materials to produce paper bags

The shopping paper bag forming machine can produce paper bags of various sizes. This machine is an ideal equipment for making paper shopping bags, such as shopping bags, clothing bags, etc. The process includes handle making, handle sticking, top folding (or not top folding), pipe shape, discount board, bottom paste, compacting or reinforcing paper paste, top folding, pipe shape, discount board, punching, bottom paste, and compacting output.


The Shopping paper bag making machine for clothing shopping has the following characteristics

1. The bag making machine adopts hydraulic lifting structure for feeding and automatic tension control for unwinding.

2. The edge glue of paper bag making machine adopts automatic gluing system.

3. Modified the use of Taiwan Pausource

4. The paper tube forming device has the function of thumb cutting

5. Automatically stop the machine when the material is used up

6. All middle clamps, drum clamps and drum machines adopt spider synchronous adjustment mechanical design, which can greatly shorten the adjustment time and change the size.

7. Adopt German optoelectronics to accurately track printing materials

8. Equipped with automatic lubrication supply system and stop alarm system.

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