What kind of paper bag machine does small paper bag processing plant need

Date:2020-9-21 22:30:54 Read:66

Of course, the semi-automatic paper bag machine is preferred for small paper bag processing plants

Shopping paper bag is a kind of practical and environmental protection in one of the life packaging supplies, now almost in any consumer place we need to use paper bags, the use of paper bags and sales are growing. At present, the paper bag market has a big prospect and less competition. Now it is a very good choice to invest in paper bag processing. What equipment does a small paper bag processing plant need?

Generally, small paper bag machinery and semi-automatic paper bag packaging machines can be used to complete production. Such a set of investment can be invested in production with a small investment of about 100000 yuan. If medium and large-sized paper bag making machinery are selected, the requirements for the configuration of packaging machines and supporting machinery are relatively high, and automatic paper bag machines are generally required. Under such a set of investment, the capital is 300000-1000000 according to the model difference about. According to the personal investment funds and personal grasp of the market to choose the appropriate configuration of paper bag processing equipment.

Finally, for many paper bag customers who do not have much experience and capital, we recommend that you choose small paper bag machine as the first choice, choose semi automatic paper bag machine or ordinary paper bag machine.