What factors should be considered in the production of paper bag machine

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What factors should be considered in the production of paper bag machine

Many of our customers, after buying our paper bag machine equipment, are always a little unclear about the design and production of some packaging bags. Today, I have sorted out some of them for reference only. In the process of producing bags, three factors should be considered: the size; What kind of paper to choose; The paper bag itself has any special requirements.

Take our commonly used handbags as an example: its size is generally determined according to the size of the goods, the size is composed of length * width * height, the common standard is the opposite, 3 or 4 open, each, large or right 2 kinds.

Let's talk about what kind of paper we choose. Paper generally USES coated paper, such as 157g, 200g. If you pack heavy goods, you can choose more than 300 grams of coated paper, and there are some special paper printing, which requires a thin film to improve the paper bag's hardness, in terms of toughness, kraft paper toughens. S is the strongest, in the production of packaging bags more and more applications.

Finally, there will be some special requirements for hand bags, etc. After the paper making bag machine, the adhesive box is processed and pressed through the wire rope. In order to increase the handbag's tensile strength, rivets must be strengthened at the rope holes.

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