What factors should be considered in the production of paper bag machine

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What factors should be considered in the production of paper bag machine

Nowadays paper bag machine has been accepted and used by more and more enterprises, so in the process of daily use, paper bag machine in the production of bags need to consider what aspects of the elements? Today I want to take you to know.

Paper bag machine in the process of producing bags, usually to think about three factors:

what kind of paper to choose; What is the size? There is something special about paper bags themselves.

Take our common handbag for example: its size usually according to the size of the article to decide, the size by the length * width * height composition, commonly used norms have folium, 3 or 4 open, each kind, and have magnum or positive 2 kinds.

Let's to choose what kind of paper, paper usually choose coated paper, such as 157 g, 200 g, if you are packing goods are heavier, can choose more than 300 g of coated paper, and some special paper to print, this needs to strengthen the hardness of paper bag film, in terms of patience, kraft paper, patience, strongest has been more and more application in the production of the packaging bags.

Finally, there will be some special requirements for handbags. After the paper bag is made by the paper bag machine, it is processed and pressed into shape to stick the box to wear the rope. In order to add the tension resistance of the handbag, rivets need to be strengthened at the rope hole.

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