Hand-held paper bag machine

Date:2020-7-2 14:30:25 Read:90

paper bag machine

Hand-held paper bag machine has the most advanced technology of hand-held paper bag machine all around the world. It can be produced directly using printed sheet paper, paper film or reel paper. 

The paper bag machine has the characteristics of stable production, low noise, high yield, fast production speed, easy operation, easy control, automatic alarm and so on. It is an ideal equipment for producing handbags and shopping bags. 

Single hand-held paper bag machine, on the basis of automatic paper absorption, automatic glue forming, automatic bottom paste, automatic output products, through technical problems, overcome the automatic strengthening of the bottom paste, finished products without indentation two major technical difficulties.

paper bag machine

The bags after use can be recycled, and will not cause environmental pollution, this is one of the root causes of the elimination of plastic bags. In general, the production materials of paper bags need to meet people's daily use requirements, and has a high safety and environmental protection.

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