paper bag machinery commonly used Paper source materials

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paper bag machinery commonly used  Paper source materials

The paper bag machinery products are used more and more widely. Many people need paper bag packaging, such as paper bags for food, paper bags for shopping, and so on. What kind of paper does the paper bag making machinery need to produce these paper bag products?

paper bag machinery

White cardboard: white cardboard is firm and thick, with high stiffness, burst resistance and smoothness. The paper surface is smooth. The commonly used thickness is 210-300g white cardboard, and the most commonly used is 230 white card. The paper bags printed by paper bag machinery with white cardboard have full color and good texture.

Coated paper: coated paper is characterized by its smooth surface, high whiteness, smoothness and glossiness. It also makes the printed graphics and pictures have a three-dimensional sense. The commonly used thickness is 128g-300g. The printing effect of coated paper produced by paper bag making machine is the same as that of white cardboard, with full and bright color. Compared with white cardboard, its stiffness is lower than that of white cardboard.

Kraft paper: also known as natural color kraft paper. It is widely used in shopping bags, envelope bags and so on. Commonly used thickness of 120 g - 300 g of natural color kraft paper. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing single or double color manuscripts with uncomplicated colors. Compared with white cardboard, kraft carton coated paper, kraft paper price is the lowest.

White board paper with grey background: white board paper is a kind of paperboard with white and smooth front and grey bottom on the back. The commonly used thickness is 250 g-350 g. the white board paper is white on one side and gray on the other side. The price of white board paper is lower than that of white cardboard.

The above is the paper used in the production process of paper bag making machine, which are commonly used by paper bag machinery manufacturer